Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Comrades

       If I'm going to be sharing stories of my groups adventures then I guess it's only right to introduce you to the gang. I'll describe a bit on what kind of player each one is and also tell you a bit about the character they are currently playing in our Star Wars campaign. I've been playing all sorts of games with most of the group for a few years now and there's a few newer friends that are playing. They are a bit more than noobs at this point. So let's get down to it!

       I guess it's appropriate to start off by talking about the friend who was responsible for getting me back into RPGs lately. My good friend Andy is the one in our group that owns all the Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition books, so needless to say I learned a lot about 4th edition when I got back into the game. Andy loves to read all the books, not just to learn the rules, you see he loves the flavor and fluff behind the rules. He knows a lot about the creatures, planes, races and classes because he knows how they work and interact in the game world. This trait also reflects strongly in his character creation. He makes characters chock-full of flavor! Andy will choose options for his characters based on if it fits with the story and theme of the character where some players may just choose the strongest powers. This doesn't mean he makes weak characters though, he's actually made a lot of strong characters. He role plays his guys well too! It's entertaining to see his characters in play and watch them interact with the world I create as the DM and it's also fun to play alongside his characters. Currently he's playing an Ishi Tib Tech Specialist named Silf in our Star Wars game. He took the Prestige class Chief Engineer to boost his crafting skills. His overall plan is to scavenge materials and build droids. He has a small recon droid that follows him around and provides a bit of damage in combat. Silf is also very handy with a lot of tech based skills and gives a big hand when needed.
       The next guy to meet in the group would have to be Cameron. He began playing Dungeon and Dragons with me and Andy when we started with 4th edition. One thing that should be known about Cameron is the fact that he almost always plays a Human in RPGs. He has played as other races, but he's been a human most times. He'll play vanilla characters, but that isn't a bad thing. He tends to go with consistent characters that are strong with whatever they need to do. There have been a few exceptions to the rule and he has made some crazy characters before. Whether it's a Fighter that can hit hard with a weapon or a Warlord skilled in sharing tactics with his allies, Cameron is sure to not disappoint. Cameron took to playing a Human Soldier for Star Wars. His name is "Blast" Ripkin and he likes to, well, blast his enemies. Blast loves guns and prefers to load himself up with weapons to make sure the blasting never ends. He's a great guy to have in combat especially if it's against Rodians (which he hates). He is also having some trouble with a crime boss so he's trying to lie low... As low as you can if your name is Blast!
       Jacob is definitely the power gamer of the group. He's been playing RPGs a while before we all started playing together. I don't think I've ever seen him play a character that was just a single class because he is always making multi-classed or hybrid characters. Any thing available for him to use to add to his character options he'll take. This may be annoying for some DMs to deal with but I enjoy it. It's always giving me a challenge and most times I don't worry about making enemies that are too strong for him to handle. It is also very entertaining to watch his turns in combat since he seems to have a lot at his disposal. He's also made some pretty ridiculous characters that have led to interesting and hilarious things happening. His Star Wars character is a Miraluka that's a Force Adept/Soldier/Scoundrel (see what I mean...). His name is Zamriel and not much is known about this mysterious man... (also I kinda forgot his back story...).
       Now it's time to talk about the newer players. We became friends with this guys over a year ago and we managed to get them interested in playing RPGs. They've only played a little bit of Dungeons and Dragons (both 3.5 and 4th edition) and a bit of the Star Wars we've done lately.
       Johnny is one of these new guys. He seems to like playing sneaky fellows and swindlers, but it's also fairly early to say that he has a preference since he hasn't played a lot of different classes. His characters are actually fun to have in games, especially since every once in a while he'll get a bad roll on an important check which generally results in unfortunate hilarity. He always keeps a sense of humor around his characters too! His current Star Wars character is Robin People, a Farghul Scout that likes bad jokes, swindling, conning and pickpocketing. He also got into some trouble with local authorities after running a rigged gambling game on the streets of Mos Eisley. Not much else is known about Robin to his fellow adventurers.
       Albert is one of the other newer players in our group and he's actually caught on quite well to role playing characters. So far he's played a variety of different characters like an Elvish Sorcerer and a Dwarven Samurai. He also provides some humor to the adventures with his characters and actual gives me a lot to work with as a DM. Right now he's a Twilek Noble named Seruca Valt (any Willy Wonka fans out there?). Seruca is the daughter of a very wealthy trader and she's travelling the galaxy in search of adventure.      
       The last member of the fellowship, but certainly not the least, is Snappy. He's also had a variety of experience with classes in previous adventures by playing as a pascifist Monk and a Dragonborn Fighter. He's makes some pretty interesting characters, but I think his current one is my favorite so far. Snappy is playing a droid, specifically a droid owned by Seruca Valt (Albert's character). He's an EV-series droid that is a soldier. All EV wants to do is serve his master and torture unfortunate enemies. He also enjoys shooting the knees of his foes. He also has the Droid quirk Amenable, which means he can't help but be friendly and social with organics and droids alike! So he's EV the friendly torture droid!
       Well, that's the run down of the group I play with and also some information of their Star Wars characters. That will be useful information on a few future posts that will have to do with our Star Wars adventures and hopefully it'll give you some insight on the players so it'll be easier to follow along with stories. Until next time adventureres! Keep those dice rolling!

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